Managing District and School Administration Permissions

What are Administrative Permissions?

An administrator account is a user account that can make changes to your microsite and access parts of the administrative control panel. Depending on the permissions granted, administrators can edit other user accounts, approve/reject/edit campaigns, edit your microsite, and register/change bank accounts. It is best practice to only grant a user the minimum number of permissions needed.

District Admin vs. School Admin


Classmunity provides districts with two levels of user accounts, district accounts that can change settings for the entire district, and school level administrative users, who can only change settings or edit campaigns for their specific school.

Types of Admin Permissions:

Classmunity supports the following permissions:

  1. Edit campaigns – Ability to edit a campaign within their school or district.
  2. Review campaigns – Ability to approve, reject, request revisions to a campaign within their school or district .
  3. Manage faculty – Ability to designate an existing user account as a member of a school or the district faculty.
  4. Manage admins – Ability to grant an existing user account the ability to assign and modify administrative permissions for other accounts within a school or your district. This permission can only be granted to an account that also has the manage faculty permission. It is best practice to limit this permission to a small number of accounts.
  5. Edit financial info (district-level admin only) – Ability to view and edit bank account information for a district. The bank accounts are where campaign funds are deposited.
  6. Edit site info (district-level admin only) – Ability to view and edit non-financial customizable settings for your district’s microsite.

Users with the ability to manage other admins can only assign the same permissions that they themselves have. For example. A user with only the edit campaigns and review campaigns permissions can not grant other users permission to edit financial information.

How to grant administrative privileges:

To grant an existing user account administrative privileges for either an individual school or your entire district:

1 . Navigate to the faculty page within the administration panel for your district and click on the button to open the following box:

2. Use the following drop down menu to select the appropriate setting for the user account you are creating/editing:

3. Enter the email address for the account you would like to modify.

4. Enter the faculty role for the account.

5. If you would like to also grant the user administrative privileges, click on the administrator account checkbox.

6. Select the applicable permissions for the account you are editing. Remember that even if a user is granted the ability to manage admins, they will only be able to give other admins permissions upto what that they have themselves.

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