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Project Graduation 2020

by: Barbara Salverson

Project Graduation is the culminating celebration hosted by parents and the community for the Waunakee High School graduating class. Studies have shown that the highest number of teen drunk driving fatalities occurs on graduation nights. Project Graduation is the alternative to keep our kids safe. Graduation is a time of celebration, high hopes, and lasting memories! Project Graduation is an ALL NIGHT, SUBSTANCE FREE party for WCHS Seniors held at the high school following the graduation ceremony on May 30th, 2020. Project Graduation boasts a variety of activities and entertainment including a DJ, games, a music venue, crafts, and much more. In addition, food is served and prizes are awarded throughout the night. As always, adult volunteers will chaperone. We hope you will demonstrate your support of this event by making a tax deductible financial contribution. We are grateful that the Waunakee community and surrounding area businesses have traditionally endorsed our efforts to provide a safe environment in which seniors can celebrate graduation night together. Thank you in advance for helping to continue this endeavor!!

Waunakee Community High School

Waunakee, WI

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Brody Koslowski Fundraiser (Brody's Roar)


Intermediate School phy ed teacher and WHS football coach's nephew, Brody Koslowski, has a rare, fatal, and genetic disorder called CLN2. Intermediate School is joining Waunakee Middle School and High School students in a coin drive from October 14-18 to help pay for his medical treatments.

Waunakee Intermediate School

Waunakee, WI

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Heritage Hustle Fun Run 2019

by: Tiffani Drake

What is the Heritage Hustle Fun Run? • A school wide event on Thursday, October 3 in which all students and staff participate. • A new approach to fundraising that avoids selling products and directs ALL profits back to the school. • Heritage PTO’s Fundraiser, where students are encouraged to get pledges and run laps to raise money What are the goals of the Heritage Hustle Fun Run? • To fund Heritage PTO programming, including assemblies, field trip opportunities, technology needs, birthday books, new playground equipment, and academic needs that might not otherwise be available. • To include the entire Heritage Elementary community in a fun and healthy "welcome back" activity. • To be successful enough to make this the only Heritage PTO fundraiser of the year. What about pledges? • Sponsors can donate an amount per lap or a set amount. If you choose to motivate your child with a per-lap donation, please manually calculate your pledge and enter your donation after the run is complete. • All donations are tax-deductible. • For the safety of our children, please only ask family and friends for pledges. We do NOT promote or encourage door-to-door solicitation. • If your family prefers not to solicit pledges from family and friends, please consider making a donation to Heritage PTO. You are always welcome to complete the paper pledge form (rather than online) and send checks payable to WCSD. Incentives! * $18,000 = Everyone earns a popcorn party! * $21,000 = Mr. Carter will spend a school day on the roof of the school! * $23,000 = Inflatable day! We will rent a bounce house obstacle course to be used either during recess time or during PE class over a 2 day time period.

Heritage Elementary School

Waunakee, WI

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8th Grade Washington DC Trip


Our campaign will involve donations as well as several fundraising events in the year that you can stop by and purchase food items to help support our students. We sell concessions at MS Volleyball games and track meets as well as the all school dance and a Culvers Scoopie night in the spring

Waunakee Community Middle School

Waunakee, WI