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This campaign was created to help offset the travel costs for our 6th grade and 12th grade Future Problem Solvers teams that have qualified for their international conference and competition being held at UMass-Amherst campus June 7th-11th.

What is Future Problem Solving (FPS)?

We are a nonprofit educational program for K-12 students and adults. Founded in 1974 by Dr. E. Paul Torrance, our goal is to inspire creativity and encourage the development of a positive vision for the future.

Through participation in FPS students:

Develop and enhance creative and critical thinking abilities
Increase global awareness of and interest in the future
Learn and apply problem-solving strategies
Develop teamwork skills
Improve oral and written communication
Exercise critical and analytical thought
Extend perceptions of the real world
Explore and problem solve complex societal issues
Develop, utilize and improve research techniques

Who is managing the campaign?

Janell Dorn

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