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The Waunakee Innovation Center is a partnership between the Waunakee Community School District and the Waunakee Area Education Foundation. This resource space allows students and community members to explore innovation, ingenuity, and creativity through technology. Visitors to the Innovation Center will be able explore the integration of technology through collaborative projects and teamwork.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (also known as STEAM) education represents a large portion of our students and the new frontier of exploration. The Innovation Center offers a unique space where STEAM education can experienced by students and community. Our students are able to grow their STEAM skills through courses offered at Waunakee Community High School and then expand those skills in the Innovation Center. This space will soon offer a chance for community education classes to help introduce community members to new technologies becoming more prevalent in traditional areas. Now that we are set up we are working on opening up the Innovation Center members of the community to use for work on projects, explore hobbies and learn new skills but we need your help. We are constantly looking support in terms of financial and material donations.

This campaign will allow us to:

-Purchase cutting edge equipment and technology to facilitate exploration of innovative ideas

-Allow district students and the community access to equipment not normally available.

-Implement new curriculum offerings.

-Create a "YES" space for all district wide curricular areas to collaborate in.

-Host a wide variety of programming including educational programs, summer camps and other events for all Waunakee community members.

-Build a community landmark.

As part of this fundraising campaign we will also be finishing our donation wall that outside the Innovation Center is an integral part of the design of this space. On the right side of this page you will see a rewards section with more details on this wall. We will currently be offering a half price campaign for families to become part of the Innovation Center story. We are currently offering our 200.00 tile for 100.00 in order to finish the donor wall. To make a donation different than the predetermined amount simply click the "other" button and enter the amount you would like to donate. You may also choose to set up a recurring donation if you would like.

Students, teachers and community members all benefit from this space because users are able to chase their dreams and explore their ideas without fear using innovative technology and collaborating with some of the brightest minds in Waunakee and the world. The Innovation Center is a focal point that the community can be proud of.

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Waunakee Area Education Foundation


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    Family Donor Tile - Limited Time Only

    Family Level 2x2 laser engraved slate with last name of family.


    Tinkerer Level - 2x2 inch tile (200.00-999.99)

    Tinkerer Level 2x2 laser engraved slate tile with company logo


    Developer - 4x4 tile (1000.00 - 2499.99)

    Developer Level 4x4 laser engraved slate tile with up to 20 spaces per line, 2 lines or company logo.


    Cornerstone - 6x6 tile (2500.00- 9999.99)

    Cornerstone Level 6x6 laser engraved slate tile with up to 20 spaces per line, 4 lines or company logo.


    Legacy - 8x8 tile (10,000.00-19,999.00)

    Legacy Level 8x8 laser engraved slate tile with up to 20 spaces per line, 6 lines or company logo.


    Founder - 12x12 tile (20,000.00 and Up)

    Founder Level - 12x12 laser engraved slate tile with up to 20 spaces per line, 8 lines or company logo. Donation can be spread out over three years.

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    Jack A. Heinemann

    Jan 3, 2022

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    Peter G. Fish

    Jan 3, 2022

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    ann and peter lewandowski

    Jan 6, 2019

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    Munz Family

    Oct 3, 2018

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    Casey Willauer

    Apr 2, 2018

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    Feb 7, 2018

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    Deb Paulson

    Dec 18, 2017

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    Scott & Misty Lewis

    Feb 20, 2017

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    Sandy Mike Nick Jacob Frankland

    Dec 14, 2016

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    Nov 14, 2016

  • $2,500

    Endres Manufacturing

    Sep 20, 2016

  • $500

    H&R Carpet

    Sep 16, 2016

  • $500

    State Bank Of Cross Plains

    Sep 16, 2016

  • $10,000

    Hovde Properties

    Sep 16, 2016

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    Hellenbrand Water

    Sep 16, 2016

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    Clack Industries

    Sep 16, 2016

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    Sep 16, 2016

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    Endres Manufacturing Grant

    Sep 16, 2016

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    Sep 16, 2016

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    J.H. Findorff and Son Inc.

    Sep 16, 2016

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    Waste Management

    Sep 16, 2016

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    Westphal & Company

    Sep 16, 2016

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    Mobile Glass

    Sep 16, 2016

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    Sep 16, 2016

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    Badgerland Erectors

    Sep 16, 2016

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    Advanced Concrete

    Sep 16, 2016

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    Jeff Willauer

    Sep 16, 2016

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    Sep 16, 2016