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The Waunakee Innovation Center is a partnership between the Waunakee Community School District and the Waunakee Area Education Foundation. This will be a resource space that the school and community will be able to use to explore innovation, ingenuity, and creativity through technology. It will be a "YES" space where people can explore without fear in a safe setting. The center will also explore integration of curricular areas through collaborative projects and teamwork. With a planned opening date of early October 2016, the Innovation Center hopes to partner with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to become a certified Fab Lab. This partnership will allow the students of the Waunakee Community School District to become part of the global creative network by sharing their designs and knowledge with other Fab Lab's across the world.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (also known as STEAM) education represents a large portion of our students and the new frontier of exploration. According to the US Department of Education, STEAM career growth is projected to rise 14% by 2020. The Innovation Center will offer a unique space where STEAM education will be able to be experienced by students and community. Our students will be able to grow their STEAM skills through courses offered in the Waunakee Community School District and then expand those skills through the Innovation Center. The space will also offer a chance for community education classes to be offered to help introduce community members to new technologies becoming more prevalent in traditional areas. After initial set up of the Innovation Center, the possibility exists that the space will be able to be open to members of the community to use for work on projects, explore hobbies and learn new skills.

With the focus of the future workforce on 21st century skills (soft-skills), the creative problem solving process will become more and more important. The Innovation Center will allow students AND community a place to test out the research and development process while allowing participants to embark on a journey from idea to physical model. This practical experience will also allow participants to hone critical skills needed in everyday life.

This campaign will allow us to:

-Finish renovatation of the current graphics lab into a state of the art Innovation Center

-Purchase cutting edge equipment and technology to facilitate exploration of innovative ideas

-Allow district students and the community access to equipment not normally available.

-Implement new curriculum offerings .

-Create a "YES" space for all district wide curricular areas to collaborate in.

-Provide an attractive and comfortable space for gathering, collaborating, and community partnerships.

-Host a wide variety of programming including educational programs, summer camps and other events for all Waunakee community members.

-Build a community landmark.

As part of our fundraising campaign we will also be installing a donation wall that will be placed along the hallway leading to the entrance of the Innovation Center and be an integral part of the design of this space. On the right side of this page you will see a rewards section with more details on this wall. To make a donation different than the predetermined amount simply click the "other" button and enter the amount you would like to donate. You may also choose to set up a recurring donation if you would like.

Students, teachers and community members will all benefit from this space because users will be able to chase their dreams and explore their ideas without fear using innovative technology while collaborating with some of the brightest minds in Waunakee and the world. The Innovation Center will be a focal point that the community can be proud of.

Who is managing the campaign?

Waunakee Area Education Foundation


Fundraising events

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - Friday, September 30, 2016 from 12:00 AM to 11:30 PM

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    Tinkerer Level - 2x2 inch tile (200.00-999.99)

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    Founder - 12x12 tile (20,000.00 and Up)

    Founder Level - 12x12 laser engraved slate tile with up to 20 spaces per line, 8 lines or company logo. Donation can be spread out over three years.

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