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Wildcat Family Assistance Fund (in light of COVID-19) Continued

by: Amy Tranel

The Verona Area School District is committed to ensuring that ALL students have equitable opportunities. This means having access to the general school education they deserve, while also being able to participate in curricular and non-curricular school activities, and even more importantly, having access to BASIC LIFE NECESSITIES! With our current COVID-19 crisis, support is needed NOW more than ever for our Wildcat Family of more than 6,000 students! For this reason, the district continues to offer its Wildcat Family Assistance Fund by offering this online giving option. As an example: Your simple $25 donation would cover the cost of: •approximately 25 breakfast bags of food or 15 bags of lunch that we are providing to families •cab fare to help transport a needed WiFi hotspot to a family who does not have internet access for our virtual learning efforts •essential personal hygiene products for a homeless family Your $50 donation could help pay for: •medications for emergency educational needs •multiple pieces of essential clothing for a homeless family Your $75 donation could help purchase: •a set of school supplies for an elementary student to use at home •a week’s worth of essential food for a homeless family Your $100 can help purchase: •additional technology needs for the district to meet the needs of students learning concurrently For the rest of the 2020-2021 school year, money in this fund will be directed to family and student needs such as transportation, school supplies, emergency educational medications, family emergencies (house fire, flooding, death, etc.) and other education-related needs so all our students have equitable opportunities. Our goal is to raise $20,000 for this important work. Thank you for your commitment to our students!

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Verona Area Girls Basketball Sponsorship

by: Julie Briggs

The Verona Area Girls Basketball Program is looking for sponsors for our shortened and unique 2020-21 basketball season. We just got permission to play games outside of Dane County and participate in the post season tournament. Therefore, we are in need of sponsors to help us purchase equipment and other expenses needed to prepare for games this season. We will be socially distanced at practice so we are in need of more basketballs and stationary defensive mannequins for practices. If you are able to sponsor us this year with a tax deductible donation, we would be so grateful! Any amount helps and we thank you for your support!

Verona Area High School

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FlipGive VAHS Tennis Fundraiser


Flip Give is an app that allows you to earn cash on the things your team is already buying. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities. Flip Give has 100's of brands and stores that they work with. Each brand gives cash back to our team.

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EA POSTCARD 2020-2021

by: Paul Driftmier

Solicit and accept donations to defray the cost of new advertising postcards.

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