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My students each have an iPad that they use throughout the day for their learning. They can access books at their different reading levels and work on strengthening their math skills on different apps, such as Dreambox. My students also use them to create amazing projects to demonstrate their learning. For example, my students have created Green Screen forecasting videos to teach about the different types of natural disasters that they have read about to practice their nonfiction reading skills.

However, my students currently do not have an efficient, easy way to charge their iPads. Cords are continuously getting tangled and some of their iPads are being misplaced around the room. Frequently students iPads are not charged, so they are unable to use them. Lastly, it takes my students a long time to grab or put away their iPads. This makes it difficult for students to use them to their fullest ability, and it takes away time from learning.

My students need an efficient, easy way to charge their iPads! These charging stations and cords will allow my students to quickly and effortlessly charge their iPads. This will save a lot of instructional time, which means more learning! The shelf will also help to keep all the charging stations in one place so it will be simple for all students to find. Please help my students keep their iPads fully charged so they can use them to their fullest potential. More charging = more learning!


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