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Through Donors Choose we can receive matching donations provided for projects using a classroom kit of Versa Tiles from Hand2Mind so for every $20 donation run through them it will be $40. I am going to utilize the Versa Tiles for 4th grade to provide another option for learning stations during math to provide independent practice. The classroom kit will come with 24 for workbooks covering 6 competency areas aligned to national math standards. The tiles are self-correcting so students get immediate feedback so they are getting repeated practice that will improve skills. As I started the school year with >50% of the students in my room struggling with grade level expectations I am determined to provide the experiences they need to strengthen their grade level skills and improve future outcomes.

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    The students in my classroom are also working on improving their writing skills without the use of technology (spelling, fine-motor letter formation and letter structure). Students will write personalized thank you letters to each of our donors.


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