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Make school gardening a success Image

Make school gardening a success

by: Erik Johnson

We will be moving the location of the high school gardens from the corner of the FFA Field site to a more accessible location with more access to growth. Students will build raised garden beds and then plant vegetables, allowing them to learn about plant growth and growing food. We will support local business to purchase our supplies. Working with school gardens are a valuable learning experience for students and can teach important lessons and skills. The location of the current school gardens is far from the classroom and is not accessible for all students. The new location will benefit students with physical disabilities. Also, growing conditions are less than ideal at the current location due to the shading from the adjacent pine trees and crops grown in the FFA production field. Raised garden beds in a better location will allow for better growing and improved learning for the students. Supplies will be purchased from local business and students will learn about the benefits of supporting local businesses. Extra food will be given to the local food shelters and in the future we will work towards incorporating some of the food into the school lunch program.

River Valley High School

Spring Green, WI

iLearn - iTeach - iInnovate Image

iLearn - iTeach - iInnovate

by: Andrea Sullivan

My campaign is to purchase 4 iPads with cases and protection plans for my classroom+Apple TV. "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds" Albert Einstein. Technology allows students to be creative and take learning into their own hands. My goal as an educator is to support the use of technology in a safe and productive way. Donations to this project will help close the digital divide and improve learning. Many of my students come from economically disadvantaged homes with limited access to technology. Therefore, it is so important for this learning to happen at school. Students who lack access to technology are at a disadvantage, but you can help make a change. Lone Rock Elementary staff and students will benefit because this opportunity is one more small step toward our goal of having iPads in all our classrooms. I am a leader in our district with a proven record for increasing technologies use and innovation. With your support I can continue to innovate and problem solve to help facilitate increased use of technologies in our schools.

River Valley Elementary - Lone Rock

Lone Rock, WI