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About this fundraiser

Join McFarland DECA as they host the 2nd Annual Big Little Dance! Dress up with your loved one and dance the night away with great music, fun activities, and lots of photo opportunities!

This year's theme is "A Royal Evening"

Turn it into a date night with your little or a full family event! Dressing up is encouraged but not required. One new fun thing this year is we are hosting Getting Ready with Royalty as an event experience add on! Your child will have the opportunity to get ready for the "ball" with royalty. They will be able to have hair, makeup, nails, and create their own crown/tiara! You won't want to miss you. This event begins at 3:30 pm.


What is DECA? – DECA is an Association of Marketing Students. Its goal is to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. DECA is a Co-curricular organization that supports and enhances the marketing classes at MHS. Students have the opportunity to apply the skills taught in the classroom through DECA activities, including our annual Career Development Conferences.

Is this a student run activity? – Yes, this is a student run activity, created, produced, and implemented by high school students as part of the DECA learning experience.

Is this a fundraiser? - Yes. The proceeds from this event go towards the expenses incurred for the MHS DECA members to compete at the 2020 International Career Development Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Although we don’t know how many will qualify as this flyer is created (State Competition is in March), last year we had many international qualifiers from the High School.

What else will be happening at the dance? – Other than the dance, your family can enjoy the “cell phone photo booth”, snacks and beverages provided by our sponsors and DECA members, and multiple Challenge and Teamwork activities. These activities are the same ones from the superhero training camp earlier in the day earlier in the day and encourage the child to utilize communication skills to solve a challenge / demonstrate teamwork with their special adult.

What should we wear? – Wear whatever you want! Some parents go very formal with 3 piece suits and others wear sweaters and jeans. Please do whatever works for your family!

Can I bring someone that’s not in school yet? – as long as at least one of the family members is 3 years old - 5th grade you are welcome to bring younger siblings along. Children 2 and under are free!

When is the event?

Saturday, March 18, 2023 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Where is the event?

McFarland High School

5103 Farwell St
McFarland, WI 53558

Who is managing the event?

Ginger Verhulst--DECA

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    Get Ready with Royalty

    Does your little want help getting ready for the big little dance? Come into the Business and Marketing space to be treated like royalty. Children will have the opportunity to get their hair and nails done as well as creating a crown for the event.
    Event takes place at 3:30-4:00


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