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I remember years ago, sitting on a classroom carpet with my kindergarten teacher, when it happened. My teacher had taught us strategies, tips and tricks and with her guidance and support from home, suddenly reading "clicked" for me! There on that carpet my strategies for reading came to life! I couldn't wait to get home to show my family!
I am inspired by Kelly Livingston's "Bringing Families Together with Books and More!" project, and I know that her proposal could benefit the children of my kindergarten families!
Children need so much exposure to text and most importantly text they are able to read fluently and independently. This means that having the appropriate books available for our young learners and their families is so important!
Throughout the school year, I have sent home leveled book bags with each of my kindergarten readers! The books are read with families in the evening and the bags and books come back the next day. We have certainly worked hard to "grow readers"! This upcoming school year I will be adding a new component to our bags! A "Readers Response" for our kinder readers and families to reflect on what they have read. The response will be a bubblegum thought, "what stuck with you from your reading?" Was it a snap word you read? Did you find punctuation in your book? The possibilities are endless! To complete this family activity, it is so necessary to have the books they need to share available at the level they are independently reading at. I am looking to secure funds to add to my limited collection of books meeting readers at a more accelerated level. These students and I work on higher level comprehension strategies and word study. I would love to be able to provide my students with more of a selection to share how much they have "grown" as readers with their families!

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    Apr 8, 2024