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This is the primary fundraising and payment collection site for students and parents wishing to participate in the Summer of 2020 Trip to China.

Information regarding the trip is below (Itinerary is subject to change):

Estimated cost: $2300. Payments including deposits will be made or tracked through this site. Parents, students, family members or friends, please contribute directly to the students page, or list the student as the referral so they get credit for the payment. Please be sure to take advantage of the recurring payment option. This will allow you to automatically make monthly payments.

To continue the partnership between the EASD and the Weifang Ameri-can Academy in China, EASD will taking another trip to China June 10-23, 2020. The price will be approximately $2300 per person including airfare (direct flight Chicago-Shanghai & Beijing-Chicago), the cost of a Chinese visa, lodging (hotel in Shanghai and Qing Dao and host families from the academy we partner with in Weifang & Beijing), and high speed train ticket from Beijing to Weifang. The group will go to the Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, The Silk Market, as well as many museums and local attractions in Weifang, Qing Dao & Shanghai. Students and adults can attend classes at the academy, as well as take part in numerous culture classes around Weifang to learn more about Chinese culture. Several of us from the district (parents, teachers and students) went on this trip in the summer of 2017, 208 & 2019 and it was truly the trip of a lifetime!

Tentative Itinerary

Fly out of O’Hare to Shanghai

Arrive in Shanghai, go to dinner and go to bed

Tour Shanghai

Tour Shanghai

Fly to Qingdao and Tour Qingdao

Tour of Qingdao and take bus to Weifang

Spend time with host families and tour Weifang

Spend time with host families and tour AIA


Take bullet train to Beijing

Tour Beijing

Tour Beijing

Tour Beijing

Fly back to Chicago from Beijing

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