With social distancing requirements, limited in-person gatherings, reduced cash handling and other changes taking place this fall you can still run fun and effective fundraisers! Here are some ideas that can help you still reach your goals while helping your community stay safe and healthy. 


1. Online Market

Set up an online marketplace and have a sale online. You can either work with a vendor that does direct shipping or coordinate designated pick up times. 


One great fundraiser idea is selling masks. 


2. Virtual Runs

Consider hosting it as a virtual run! A virtual race is a race that can be run (or walked) from any location. Participants get to run their own race, at their own pace, and time it themselves.You could even send them a medal for participating. 


3. Letter writing campaigns using promoter pages

Bring your team together with a letter writing campaign. Send emails and social media blasts that connect to individual promoter pages to increase donor participation. Set a goal for each member of your team/ club to send 10 emails or to hit a certain goal for funds raised. 


4. Online tournaments 

Host an online games tournament. You can use video games, or board game simulators. Set up an event page for online registration to collect fees and donations. Pick a time and get playing!


5. Host a Virtual Movie Night

Does your organization have a relevant documentary to share, or have a different movie in mind? Coordinate a time to start watching the movie together, set up a place for online discussion or chat for your community to use while watching the movie. Just make sure you have the rights to stream it if you do a group showing. 


Create shareable content for people to use on their social media to show that they are participating in your fundraiser. You could set up a profile photo badge, snapchat filters, or simple graphics about your event to help people spread the word online. 


Successful fundraisers focus on donor engagement and retention. It is important to show them the impact of their donations. Classmunity makes it easy to find your donors when it comes time to thank them, you can find step-by-step directions in this Dear Willow.


Please let us know if you need assistance setting up any of the fundraiser ideas listed above. 


If your district is not currently a Classmunity partner, please reach out to our team.

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