Dear Willow is a recurring column authored by Classmunity’s support maven, Willow Macy. In it Willow shares some of her most frequently asked about challenges and their solutions.  

Dear Willow,

We set up and submitted an event registration to our administrator. Now that it’s approved we are hoping you can help us! The “register for event” button in greyed out and we are unable to click on it. What can we do to fix this so people can register for our event?


A confused coach  

Dear Confused,  

I’m happy to help! We can edit your campaign and get you up and running for your event. The button is greyed out because there are not any tickets available for your event. This could be due to two reasons; either no ticket options have been created or the ticket availability has been set to zero. To remedy this and activate the “register for event” button, we will need to set up some tickets. Follow these steps:

1. Log in to Classmunity and located your fundraiser.

2. Click to edit your fundraiser, opening the editing wizard.

3. Either select next or click on “2. Options” to open the page where you can set up tickets.

4. Add a ticket and fill out the information about the ticket you would like to offer for your event.

You have the option to specify a price for each ticket or to allow people to register for free. Ticket options include a title, description, image, price, quantity and any questions to be answered for each ticket purchased (e.g. Meal preference, T-shirt size).

You can also add questions at the order level (once per registration) so that they must only be answered once instead of for every ticket purchased, for example “How did you learn about this event?”

5. You can create more than one ticket for your event, to do that click on “add ticket”.

6. Save your campaign.


You should now be able to click on “register for event” and create a registration!

You can find more information on setting up an event registration here.  


Helpfully yours,


Willow Co-Founder & Director of Customer Relations


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