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Fruzen 5th Graders Going to Global Finals

by: Terri Gile

Destination Imagination® (DI) is a global, volunteer-led nonprofit organization that hosts Team Challenges for students who want to take on the entire creative process—from imagination to innovation. Students participate in DI in 48 states and 30 countries! This project-based, kid-driven program teaches kids to be innovative problem solvers. Using STEAM, teams of students collaborate, think outside the box, and create unique solutions to one of seven different challenges in preparation for a fun, problem-solving competition. This creative fifth-grade Destination Imagination team has worked so well together over the last several months. They researched, brainstormed, problem-solved, created, performed, and built strong friendships. These are all skills that will help them build a strong future! Their solution and teamwork definitely paid off, winning first place on their central challenge at the regional and state levels. Now, they're going on to the Global Finals in Kansas City, MO. We would love support in helping the team and their families with their registration fees, travel expenses, and accommodations during the May 21-24 competition. Fruzen Intermediate School’s 5th Grade DI Team will be competing at Global Finals May 21-25, 2022 in Kansas City, MO Registration - - Transportation - - Accommodations


Beloit, WI

Beloit Memorial Jazz Orchestra - Back to the Big Apple - Essentially Ellington 2022 Finalists! Image

Beloit Memorial Jazz Orchestra - Back to the Big Apple - Essentially Ellington 2022 Finalists!

by: Chris Behrens

WE DID IT AGAIN! The Beloit Memorial Jazz Orchestra has been selected as one of only fifteen bands to participate in the 27th Annual Essentially Ellington High School Jazz Festival in New York City, May, 2022. REPRESENTING OUR COMMUNITY! It is an honor to return to New York and represent Beloit and our school district. It is also an opportunity to increase our knowledge of jazz history with site visits and tours, perform on the Jazz at Lincoln Center stage, and experience the Big Apple. WE NEED YOUR HELP! This is a special opportunity for us to travel to the East Coast and compete with the best, but it is also very expensive to fly and house students, chaperones, teachers, and their instruments for five days in Manhattan. We have to raise $25,000 in the next six weeks to fund this trip… HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP : 1. Make a donation on this website: Thanks to an anonymous donor, every $2 you donate will be matched with another $1…your $50 gift becomes $75 for BMJO! All gifts will be matched, up to $10,000. 2. Come hear us play and donate at our special event: "An Evening with BMJO", at the Eclipse Center (3 Eclipse Center, Beloit, WI 53511), Sunday, April 24, 4-6pm. Details coming soon on our Facebook Page BMHS Jazz Band or check back here! We are proud to represent Beloit and we are grateful for your support!

Beloit Memorial High School

Beloit, WI

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Helping Youth Facing Homelessness

by: Robin Stuht

Did you know that approximately 500 youth and their families are identified as homeless each school year? Out of that number, approximately 75 are unaccompanied homeless teens who are not in the company of a parent or guardian who has physical custody. Students experiencing homelessness need additional help breaking down educational barriers to ensure they are receiving the same educational opportunities as their peers. A few ways that YOU can help our students is by providing monetary donations that will assist them in receiving food, clothing, hygiene, and basic need necessities.

Beloit School District

Beloit, WI

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Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship 2021-2022

by: Jennifer Paepke

The School District of Beloit is proud to announce the return of our Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship Program to provide scholarships to minority students who decide to pursue careers in education. These new teachers will return to Beloit and our community of learners to begin their career. With extensive national debate about Closing the Achievement Gap in education, we believe having a quality diverse workforce is a key component to address this issue. However, in too many schools throughout our nation, school districts continue to struggle with educating a very diverse student population with a less-than-diverse workforce. According to the School District of Beloit's 2020-2021 Staffing, Recruitment & Retention (Diversity) Report (dated December 2020) there were 35 African Americans, 3 Indian/Alaskan, 9 Asians, and 33 Hispanic/Latinos out of a total of 503 professional educators within the entire school district. In essence, there were 80 minority professional educators out a total of 503, which is 15.84%. This is not reflective of our current student population of 69.1% minority students. The School District of Beloit believes that such a disparity is unacceptable and has taken action steps to address this issue. The School District of Beloit not only values diversity, but also believes our workforce should be reflective of the students and community it proudly serves. Additionally, the School District of Beloit believes that it is important that students see and possibly, have the opportunity to be taught by a teacher who looks like them within their educational experience. Therefore, in an effort to ensure a mix of diversity in our professional teaching workforce, the School District of Beloit launched the Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship Program. The goal of this scholarship is to encourage minorities to pursue teaching as a career and return back to teach in Beloit. Your support of the Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship Program not only helps our students, but the community as well. Diversity helps our students to be more globally competitive. Michael Lee, a diversity consultant said, "Diversity in the workplace increased creativity, increased productivity, promoted new attitudes, enhanced new language skills, expanded global understanding, and helped develop new processes and new solutions to difficult problems". Mary McCleod Bethune once said, "The growth or destruction of a nation begins in the homes of its people". Beloit is our home. An investment in our students is an investment in our future. Therefore, we ask that you support the Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship Program. A small investment today will yield great returns for our Beloit school district, community, and businesses tomorrow.

Beloit School District

Beloit, WI