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The Waubesa Intermediate School 5th Graders invite you to join our Youth Frontiers Kindness Retreat Field Trip as an event sponsor. This annual event is a high-energy day to give students the tools to develop empathy, promote kindness and prevent bullying. Students’ social and emotional well-being is at the core of our School’s Mission and through this event we hope to empower our students to be “everyday heroes” by using kindness to include others, to be respectful and to make your school a better place. Our goal this year is to raise $6,000 through individual donations and business sponsorships for the December 6th event.

The 5th Graders are developing a T-shirt to be worn on this day, and at all school events throughout the year and are creating an opportunity to promote your company and to support the teachers and students of Waubesa Intermediate School. Please consider sponsoring the event at one of these levels.

Bronze Level:$100 - $249
Business name printed as a “Bronze” sponsor on the back of the event shirt

Silver Level - $250 - $500
Small Logo printed on event t-shirt as a “Silver” on the back of the event shirt

Gold Level - Above $500
Large Logo printed on event t-shirt as a “Gold” on the back of the event shirt

Please send your logo (Vector AI or EPS) to Northoa@mcfsd.org to have it included on the t-shirt.

*All sponsors will receive photos from the event, as well as some of our student reflections - I’ve included some of the student work from last year’s event.

Donations may be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax consultant.

If you would like additional information on this powerful event, please contact Al Northouse at 838-4609 or by email at northoa@mcfsd.org. The deadline to sponsor this year’s event and be listed on event T-shirts is October 31st.

Excerpts from Student Reflections

“I am a fifth-grade student at Waubesa in intermediate school I recently participated in a kindness retreat. I had so much fun at the kindness retreat. I think we should have the kindness retreat every year at waubesa intermediate in 5th grade because it teaches you important lessons, it is lots of fun and that you get to share what you appreciate or feel bad for doing something wrong. Also the kindness retreat is all about being more kind to each other, also be more open also and doing what is right.”

“Another reason Waubesa Intermediate School should continue to have Kindness Retreats is because they teach students how to handle situations like bullying. For example, at the the Kindness Retreat they taught us fifth graders about I.C.I. (Interrupt, Compliment, Invite away). I.C.I helps kids on what to do if they see someone in need of a hero even without having to say anything to the bully. Also, Youth Frontiers taught us about the Kindness Boomerang. The Kindness Boomerang is all about paying it forward.”

“One reason we should keep doing the Kindness Retreat is because we work with people we don’t normally work with. For example, there wasn’t anyone in my group that I normally worked with and that shows that they put us in groups without many of our friends. Even though we weren’t really friends we still had a lot of fun and we were all kind to each other and we worked well together.“

“One reason I want the 5th graders next year to experience this is, it made our whole 5th grade kinder! People used to tease each other and call other people names, now, some people didn’t learn their lessons and they still do this, but the kindness retreat made most of us more kind. For example, more high fives are going around, more compliments, and more smiles.”

Thank you for your donations,

Corey S., Alan N. and WIS's 5th Grade Team

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    Bronze Level

    Business name printed as a "Bronze" sponsor on the back of the event shirt.


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    Small Logo printed on the event t-shirt as a "Silver" sponsor on the back.


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    Large Logo printed on the event t-shirt as a "Gold" sponsor on the back.

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