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GHS Stadium Vision 2020

by: Trent Lower

Over the past months, the School District of Greenfield has studied the question of whether the field in the stadium at Greenfield High School (GHS) should be replaced with synthetic turf. We convened a Field Turf Committee consisting of board members, administrators, staff members, coaches and community members. After much careful deliberation, they determined that there is a definite need and desire for a synthetic turf field at GHS. HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE A synthetic turf field will make the stadium more accessible for all who use it. But that won’t just include the Hustlin’ Hawks. It will include groups throughout Greenfield who will be able to use the stadium for sporting and entertainment events. What’s more, it will attract other communities throughout Southeastern Wisconsin to host events here. A new turf field would benefit: Greenfield High School Football Greenfield Youth Football Greenfield Girls’ Soccer Greenfield Boys’ Soccer Greenfield Track and Field Greenfield Cheerleaders Greenfield Marching Band Suburban Area Visiting Teams Greenfield Park and Recreation Greenfield High School Phy Ed Classes THE TURF APPEAL A synthetic field is made of woven high-tech fibers created to best fit the needs of today’s athletes. It offers a more consistent playing surface than natural grass. Thus, it’s safer, and it provides more access for more users in all weather conditions. Plus, it requires less maintenance and uses less water. Best of all, it will last for decades. LAY THE GROUNDWORK Work is already underway on Phase 1 improvements to the GHS stadium, which has been rededicated as Al Trotalli Stadium in honor of the beloved Greenfield Coach and Athletic Director. However, Phase 2, the field renovation,still needs to be funded. The School District of Greenfield has agreed to pay half of the cost,so together we’ll need to raise the rest in the form of grants and donations. DRIVE FOR THE END ZONE If we want to see this vision become reality for Greenfield by the year 2020, we need to pitch in and make it happen. So please contribute generously to Stadium Vision 2020, and encourage your family and friends to contribute,as well. Let’s all look to the future! The benefits to our community are easy to see.

Greenfield High School

Greenfield, WI