by Adrian Hernandez

Technology has the ability to transform the way we do things. For instance, during the early 2000s we carried devices like CD players, that allowed us to listen to a limited amount of music. Through the innovation of the internet and other technological advancements, we changed how we interact with music by streaming it online rather than selling physical copies. Likewise, advancements within the computer industry have allowed companies to create software such as Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Press, PowerPoint) and Google Drive, which have completely changed how we collaboratively work on projects and aided in the transition from hard copies to online documents. Many examples exist of revolutionary new software that transformed how we perform everyday tasks.

Similarly, Classmunity makes it easier and more efficient to manage and conduct fundraisers for K12 schools. One reason Classmunity is so powerful is its ability to fundraise in multiple formats.  Currently, there are three fundraising options to chose from depending on the director’s creative direction. First is the Event campaign, where you can raise funds with an event such as fun-runs, school dances, or anything that requires a ticket entry. Second is Online Market campaign, where you can sell products such as food, discount cards, or school apparel for interested individuals. Third is the Donation campaign where donors can give funds towards class trips or charitable causes.

Classmunity is also more convenient than other traditional fundraising options. If you’re coordinating a fundraiser, here are some key features that can make your life easier and your fundraiser more successful:

  • You don’t get lost in the jumble. Each Classmunity partner district has their own microsite, so you won’t be competing with other district’s fundraisers for attention.
  • Social sharing is integrated. We make it easy to share your fundraiser on social media with integrated sharing buttons and the option to automatically Tweet updates.

Did you know that 70 percent of Americans utilize a form of social media, so understanding how to properly navigate the different platforms can help boost your fundraiser. If you’re interested in tips regarding how to improve your social media use to increase campaign attention, check out our Six Tips for Using Social Media in Your Fundraiser

  • You can share it on other webpages too. Each fundraiser has an “embed” link on it, which generates a widget that you can put your fundraiser on your other webpages too. Not sure how to get started with this? Drop us a line at and we can help!
  • It’s easy to get students involved. It important to inspire passion within your students to actively seek out donations. One way to do this is to use our Supporter pages, which allows your students to personalize a fundraising page, set goals, and more.

Did you know you can use Supporter pages to run a “Letter Writing” campaign, where your students ask friends, family and neighbors to donate to your fundraiser. For more information regarding the letter writing function, read the Dear Willow: How do I Create a Letter Writing Campaign.

  • You don’t have to wait until the end to receive your profits. Unlike a lot of other online fundraising sites, you Classmunity transfers you your funds as they come in. No more waiting until the end of the fundraiser to start accessing your money!

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “My fundraising is good enough” but a lot of people said that about typewriters, too! Your fundraising process could be sufficient for your needs right now, but imagine how much easier and effective your fundraising could be with Classmunity in your corner.

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