by Adrian Hernandez

This school year has been an eventful one and will be remembered for some time to come. With Covid-19 regulations dictating how schools operate, many districts had to figure out creative methods to safely reopen schools and return towards a more “normal” day-to-day. One of the ways that many of our partner districts created normalcy was by getting creative with fundraising. In this blog post, we are highlighting eight especially creative online fundraisers from the 2020-2021 school year. Kudos to all involved!

1) GreenField’s Laundry and Kitchen Supplies– In order to raise funds for their senior scholarships, the GreenField School District hosted a “Wash for a Cause” fundraiser by selling bulk laundry and cleaning supplies. Not only did this campaign’s funds go towards student scholarships, but also helped donors by saving them time and money through these bulk deals. Talk about a clean win-win!

2) Menomonee Falls Christmas Tree Sales– At the end of November Menomonee Falls’ baseball program hosted a Christmas tree fundraiser to raise money to pay for a new indoor batting cage on campus and other practicing tools needed for their upcoming season. This festive campaign had a total of 163 supporters and raised upwards of $10,000 towards their baseball program. What a HIT!

3) Waunakee Time Capsule Kits– Earlier this spring Waunakee Community School District took part in an old tradition of creating time capsules for their student to look back on. The funds raised through this campaign were put towards scholarly online subscriptions and t-shirts for STOMP 2021.

4) Kettle Moraine Athletics Kwik Trip– This spring Kettle Moraine School District launched a car wash campaign in partnership with Kwik Trip to sell five-count ultimate car wash vouchers. The funds raised from this fundraiser will be used to improve the KMSD athletic department.

5) Verona FFA Fruit Sale– Last Fall Verona Area School District held their annual fruit sale, which offers a wide array of different fruits, chocolates, and cheese spreads. This fundraiser supports the various activities their FFA partakes in, as well as sending students to leadership conferences.

6) Wisconsin Rapids LHS Theatre Dept presents “Winter Showcase”– This January Lincoln High School launched a fundraiser to fund their 2021 presentation of “Forgotten Sinatra” and “Traitors & Tiaras”. These plays were also written by members of the advanced drama class. How fun!

7) Germantown Environmental Club Projects– The Germantown’s environmental club campaign is raising money to fund eco-friendly endeavors such as planting trees, recycling expenses, maintenance costs, and their most notable goal is a new greenhouse. It’s great to see a community give back to their environment and take the time to keep it beautiful.

8) Elkhorn Little Food Pantry Project– Last spring Elkhorn began the Little Food Pantry Project to support hungry individuals within their community. This neat idea encourages individuals to take what they may need and leave what they can. The funds raised are used to purchase supplies to construct the pantry and to keep it stocked. With five pantries already committed, they set their sights to construct an additional five.

Despite this fundraiser not being launched within the 2020-21 calendar year, we figured that this fundraiser’s cause was worthy of an honorable mention:

School District of Beloit Loads 2 Success- The Beloit District has launched a revolutionary new program which aims to help students who may not have the financial means to wash their clothes. The student ran fundraiser is raising money to construct a laundry room where students will be able to do laundry free of charge!

We love seeing communities come together for the greater good, especially when the outcome benefits so many. These fundraisers we chose to highlight are just a few of the many creative campaigns hosted on our site. Despite the year we have had, we are hopeful that the 2021-22 school year will bring hope, prosperity, and plenty of educational achievements to all students and school districts. See you next fall!

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