As we get near the end of the 2019-2020 school year, it’s hard to miss that this year’s senior parties, graduation and other celebrations of the Class of 2020 will be different. Many schools are organizing socially distant or virtual events. Here’s a list of 10 virtual events you can organize to celebrate your seniors!

1. Virtual Spirit Week

Give each day a theme and encourage students to participate by dressing up for their virtual classes! You can post photos to your social media, and you can even run a contest for best costume!

2. Meme Contest

Have your seniors submit their best memes. Memes about graduating, going to your school, the crazy year, etc. The ideas are endless! Pick your favorites and create an album for them.

3. Senior Sign Sales

Set up a product sale where families can purchase yard signs to display supporting their seniors. Sell them online using an online market on your Classmunity platform and then deliver with contactless delivery.

4. Virtual Senior Skip Day

Does your school do an organized senior skip day? No need to miss out. Instead set up virtual calls, play games, and listen to music together!

5. Snail Mail Cards (Or E-Cards)

Who doesn’t love getting mail?! Coordinate sending cards to the seniors, and you can even enlist other students to decorate them.

6. Virtual Senior Time Capsule

Set up a way for students to submit things for a virtual time capsule. Collect photos, videos, music, etc. Choose a format to preserve the capsule and set it aside or send it to the seniors to save for themselves.

7. Drive By Car Parades

Yes, technically this is not a virtual event, but it is a socially distant event and a great way to connect and see students again. Make signs, decorate your cars and roll around town!

8. Senior Reminisces Videos

Use a platform like Flipgrid to empower students to create videos answering questions and reminiscing on their time as students. Flipgrid is free for educators, you can check it out here.

9. Spotify Mixtape Playlist

Set up a way for students to submit songs for an official Class of 2020 mixtape (or playlist). Include the playlist in the time capsule!

10. Karaoke or Lipsync Party

Set up a virtual event using an online karaoke catalog or YouTube and have fun singing popular songs!

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