1. One of the most popular ways to raise money for clubs and teams is through a golf outing.  It is common for groups to make $10,000 – $100,000 on one golf event.  Below are step by step instructions for running a successful golf tournament fundraiser using Classmunity. If you’re not currently using Classmunity, you can contact us today to set up a no-commitment free trial for your event. Form a committee.  It is a difficult event to run by a person or small group.  The more people on your committee, the more hands there are to share and split up the work.  You can divide your group into sub-committees.  You should have a lead contact person who can work with the course tournament director, raffles, baskets, hole contests and prizes, marketing, sponsorships, event menu, and most importantly the recruitment of golfers.

  2. Choose your location. The location is an important part of the decision.  If you are running the event for your high school, you may want to choose a course within a 10 or 15 minute drive of the high school.  If you are able to lock in a premier course or club, people will drive further for an exclusive opportunity.

  3. Choose your date. Must of this will depend on course availability with the pre-existing tournaments that the club hosts.  When you can find a date, be sure to check with your activities director to avoid as many conflicts as possible.  Don’t forget to also check on area community events.  You’d hate to put in the hard work to compete against another existing event as it makes it difficult to get your foursomes.

  4. Determine format. To make it appealing to golfers of all abilities, most groups choose a scramble or a best ball format.  Be sure to understand the difference between the two formats as they are easily confused.
    1. Scramble: All players take a shot.  The group decides which ball is the best to use and all players hit their next shot from that spot.  Your team records a score by using the best shots throughout the hole.
    2. Best Ball: All players play through the entire hole.  After every person finishes the hole, the team selects the lowest score from the players on the team as their score.

  5. Launch Registration via Classmunity. Classmunity makes it easy for your collect data and fees from your golfers.  Some of the information you can collect from your golfers could include: Name, email address, mailing address, phone number, shirt size, handicap (depending on the event format), and food selection at the turn and/or post golf.

  6. Promote. It is key to let as many people know about your event in a variety of methods.  Here are some to get you started: Facebook (create an event), Twitter, Posters to be posted in area restaurants, yard signs, add it to your signature line on your email, post on your websites, send a School Messenger to families, school newsletters, post on your school sign, use your school alumni database for emails and old fashioned mailers (personalized letters) or postcards, radio or TV ads, and finally have your committee members recruit four foursomes each.

  7. Collect & Track Fees at the Event via Classmunity. At your event if you are having games or a silent auction you can use Classmunity as a point of sale system. Golfers are much more willing to donate more money to your cause if they are allowed to put the winnings on their credit card. With two or three members of your committee, they could process the credit card accounts onsite which won’t force you to chase donors for their money after the event.

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