by Ryan Anderson


Effective fundraising is critical for athletic programs and other extracurricular programs. During my time as an athletic director and coach, I learned a lot about the best ways to fund raise. Below are my 10 Easy Tips to Raise More Money. Use them for your next fundraiser, and you’ll see fantastic results.


1.)    Pay Days are Important

 Start your fundraiser on the 1st or 15th of the month.  Be sure to included as many Friday’s as possible as some people receive their paychecks on the 1st, 15th, or each Friday.

2.)    End of the Year Donations

 If you are aiming for a large donation, consider launching the campaign towards the end of the calendar year.  Many large corporations need to donate money to alleviate tax penalties.

3.)    Walk the Walk

When asking for donations from community members it is important to show them that you are serious.  One way of demonstrating your push for the fundraising goal is to make a donation from your own pocket.

4.)    Know your Fundraising Targets

Be sure you network to find out who you should be asking.  If it is a business, ask for the decision maker or the person who signs the checks.  If you are asking for money to support the drama club, be sure to ask all alumni, families, or groups who enjoy the same type of production or show.

5.)    Say Exactly Where the Funds are Going

It is important to ask for specific items when raising money for your group.  If you ask specifically for L-Screens, Batting Cage Analytics, and safer batting helmets, you will get more money versus asking the community to support your baseball team.

6.)    Who is in your corner?  

When pitching a fundraising effort be sure to get support from within before going out to the community.  Explain your fundraising project to key stakeholders who can carry the message into the community. You’ll need advocates who can share your message to the masses.

7.)    Cornerstone Donation is a catalyst

Nobody wants to give the first donation…. They want to give the last donation to complete the project.  When launching a large fundraiser, be prepared to share who has already pledged or committed to the fundraiser.

8.)    Use your Database

Use your Classmunity database of donations from previous years or campaigns.  Include all past donors in the release of your new fundraising effort. If they’ve had a student in your club in the past, there is a higher likelihood of a repeat donor.

9.)    ASK!

The number one reason that people don’t donate to a campaign is that they simply aren’t asked.  If they aren’t listed on your Classmunity donors list, they haven’t donated. Ask away!

10.)     Peer Pressure

 Peer pressure can be a good thing when it comes to fundraising.  Use your social media accounts, school digital signs, announcements at football games, donors lists in programs, to THANK donors for stepping up to help raise money for students.

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