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Thanks for considering sponsoring ECO Club and our community service efforts! If you received a request from one of our members, you can donate here or mail your sponsorship in the envelope that we provided. If you haven't received anything in the mail, and would like to make a contribution, that would be great! Any donation, large or small, that you can give is greatly appreciated!

HOW IT WORKS: ECO Club members sign a contract, promising to put in a minimum of 5 hours of community environmental service. The students request pledges for their community service hours from friends and family, and hope that sponsors will see the value of their environmental efforts and choose to sponsor their dedication and work ethic.

We love to take part in as many adventures as we can throughout the course of the year. Without generous donations through fundraising to finance our efforts, we would be unable to give students the opportunities that they deserve.

With the membership in our organization increasing every year, we are trying to obtain the resources and equipment necessary to include as many students as possible for our activities and excursions. Here are some areas where we try to give our members chances to be part of the school year's adventures!

Free Member Events: During the year, we have a few events to allow ALL members a chance to interact socially. A cookout, canoe trip, and our annual year-end party are examples of events where we invite members free of charge.

Discounted Trips & Activities: Sometimes students have chances to take part in activities or trips that require a substantial financial commitment that may include costs for transportation, food, lodging, and supplies. To make these excursions more affordable for those attending, we offer discounted rates to those members who were part of our fundraising efforts.

Supplies & Equipment: We are always attempting to obtain equipment for the club that will help include more students and broaden our capabilities. Currently, we are attempting to obtain many supplies that will allow us the opportunity to conduct our own activities year after year rather than relying on hiring guides, renting equipment, and juggling other logistical issues.

Environmental Initiatives: We occasionally attend workshops and conferences with students. We take part in animal adoptions for the preservation of species. We design special projects where we have a chance to make a difference in our community by interacting with others and teaching them about the environment. These initiatives require some financial commitment. Those who donate allow these amazing activities to occur!


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Pat Gain; ECO Club Advisor

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