Talking to Your Donors When Plans Change

Even with the best planning not all fundraisers will go off without a hitch. Sometimes the plans must change or even be cancelled. Other times you didn’t reach your fundraising goal, or you need taking the project in a different … Read More

Virtual Events to Celebrate 2020 Graduates

As we get near the end of the 2019-2020 school year, it’s hard to miss that this year’s senior parties, graduation and other celebrations of the Class of 2020 will be different. Many schools are organizing socially distant or virtual … Read More

Three Key Ideas to have a Successful Fundraiser during COVID-19

Fundraising this spring looks different. There are new challenges being posed to our organizations, but that does not mean you need to cancel your fundraising. Here are Ryan’s top tips for running a successful fundraiser during COVID-19. 1. Work with … Read More

Letter Writing Campaign: The Basics

What is a letter writing campaign fundraiser?  A letter writing campaign is a simple, yet extremely effective, form of fundraising. In these campaigns, a person creates a written letter highlighting the who, what, and why of a fundraiser to be … Read More

Community Assistance Funds: How & Why

Schools are going to great lengths to support their students in these challenging times. Today we want to share with you how some schools are using assistance funds to help their students & families, not only during the COVID-19 pandemic … Read More

group of students walking

Five Ways to Get (and Keep!) Students Involved in Fundraisers

by Shannon Mastey A critical piece of a successful fundraiser  in a high school setting is the students. Students often do much of the heavy lifting reaching out to potential donors, and there are typically many more students than teachers … Read More

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Worth Every Penny

by Ryan Anderson Most schools are finalizing the 2020-21 school budgets at this time.  It is important to consider what is a want versus  a need.  Schools have found that Classmunity has become a necessity for schools to protect fundraiser … Read More

Dear Willow: Accounts for New Staff

Dear Willow,  I have a few new coaches and teachers who are in need of Classmunity accounts to be able to submit fundraisers to me. How should we go about getting their accounts set up?  Thanks, Administrator V. Buzie  Dear … Read More

Why Storytelling Matters

by Shannon Mastey Organizing and running a fundraiser can seem like a monumental effort: meeting with school administration, finding motivated students and parents (and motivating those who need it), delivering products to donors – the list goes on. If there’s … Read More

Step by Step Tips on how to run a Successful Golf Tournament Fundraiser with Classmunity

One of the most popular ways to raise money for clubs and teams is through a golf outing.  It is common for groups to make $10,000 – $100,000 on one golf event.  Below are step by step instructions for running … Read More

Dear Willow: Tracking Student Involvement

Dear Willow,  We are gearing up for our spring fundraising season. Many of our sports teams are planning letter writing campaigns or product sales of some sort. Do you have any suggestion on how we can use Classmunity to keep … Read More

Fundraiser Tweaks Parents will be Thankful For

by Shannon Mastey Parents play a huge role in school fundraisers. They provide transportation, supervise kids, and help raise funds. Despite their importance, communication with parents can be a challenge. Educators interact with parents much more infrequently than they interact … Read More

Dear Willow – Registration Button

Dear Willow is a recurring column authored by Classmunity’s support maven, Willow Macy. In it Willow shares some of her most frequently asked about challenges and their solutions.   Dear Willow, We set up and submitted an event registration to … Read More

10 Easy Tips to Raise More Money

by Ryan Anderson   Effective fundraising is critical for athletic programs and other extracurricular programs. During my time as an athletic director and coach, I learned a lot about the best ways to fund raise. Below are my 10 Easy … Read More

6 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Fundraiser

by Shannon Mastey For a fundraiser to be successful, it needs to reach a large audience – this means it has to be promoted as much as possible. The prevalence of social media makes it a critical aspect of fundraiser … Read More

Common Fundraising Risks & Strategies to Address Them – WASBO 19 recap

Classmunity was honored to present on Common Fundraising Risks & Strategies to Address Them at WASBO 2019. Our own Willow Macy was joined by Jason Tadlock, Superintendent of the Elkhorn Area School District and James Macy of the von Briesen … Read More

New Functionality – Policy Link

You asked, we listened! Our partners use Classmunity to help ensure compliance with their fundraising policies. To make it easier to locate those policies while using Classmunity we have added a way for administrators to include a link to district … Read More

Dear Willow: I’m Drowning in Receipt Requests

Dear Willow is a recurring column authored by Classmunity’s support maven, Willow Macy. In it Willow shares some of her most frequently asked about challenges and their solutions. Dear Willow- It is tax season, and I am inundated with all … Read More

Fundraising for Large Campaigns: Execution

This is the phase most people think of as “fundraising”. It involves executing the plans you made during previous steps, collecting funds, managing your team, and tracking your progress. This is a hectic but exciting phase as plans come to fruition. … Read More

Fundraising for Large Campaigns: Team Building

Welcome to Part 3 of the Fundraising for Large Campaigns blog series. In this series we will share best practices from your peers who have been successful with large fundraising campaigns. If you’re new to the series, you may want … Read More