Community Assistance Funds: How & Why

Schools are going to great lengths to support their students in these challenging times. Today we want to share with you how some schools are using assistance funds to help their students & families, not only during the COVID-19 pandemic … Read More

School Fundraising in a time of Social Isolation

With schools closing & social distancing requirements going into place, many organizations are going to feel the effects of cancelled fundraisers. Here are some ideas that can help you still reach your fundraising goals while helping your community stay safe … Read More

group of students walking

Five Ways to Get (and Keep!) Students Involved in Fundraisers

by Shannon Mastey A critical piece of a successful fundraiser  in a high school setting is the students. Students often do much of the heavy lifting reaching out to potential donors, and there are typically many more students than teachers … Read More

Man reviewing list

Worth Every Penny

by Ryan Anderson Most schools are finalizing the 2020-21 school budgets at this time.  It is important to consider what is a want versus  a need.  Schools have found that Classmunity has become a necessity for schools to protect fundraiser … Read More