• Mobile and Online Fundraising Software for Schools

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Engage more donors

Professional, district-specific site

With a professional website dedicated specifically for your school district, your community members can donate with ease.

One-click social media sharing

Get the word out to your community with the click of a button.

Collect donations on the go

Easily accept cash, check and credit card donations at events such as sporting events, banquets, dances and more.

Raise more money with STUDENT PAGES

Students now can have their own dedicated pages on your school’s Classmunity system. Each student can create their own personalized webpage to help raise more money for your fundraisers. The page will provide a summary of the campaigns they are promoting and allow them to quickly and easily promote their campaigns to family and friends. We also provided administration peace-of-mind with our content monitoring system so administrators can quickly and easily keep an eye on what’s being shared.

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Keep track of every penny

Integrated pre-approval process

You no longer need to rely on verbal approvals or emails for fundraisers. Teachers can quickly and easily create campaigns, and administrators can approve at the click of a button.

Real-time fundraising reports

Conveniently  track of all your fundraising from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Secure credit card processing

Protect your donors with Classmunity’s PCI compliant platform built upon Stripe, the gold standard in secure online credit card processing.



Reach your district’s full fundraising potential

Keep at least 91% of all funds

Unlike traditional fundraisers such as cookie dough and gift wrapping paper, where you keep 50% of funds raised, you keep over 91% with Classmunity.

Integrated rewards functionality

Our rewards system encourages progress and makes campaigning fun again.

Student progress tracking

Track student progress with real-time reports for contests, scholarships and more.